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Develop a branded online ticketing platform for the medhack event series.

Primary Issue

Prebacked needed a website to quickly attract sponsors and sell tickets for the medhack launch event.


  • Before we could focus on developing the ticketing platform, we needed to secure the necessary sponsorships to fund the event and attract attendees.
  • The event format was still in development and several key decisions were either waiting on sponsor contributions or customer development insights.
  • Deadlines were very tight. Prebacked expected a 3-week turnaround on this project in order to open ticket sales about six weeks ahead of the premier MedHack event.
  • In order to maintain sponsor support for future events, ticket sales needed to meet specific demographic goals.


The primary audience for the sales and ticketing platform was independent developers, as Prebacked’s research showed this was the most likely group to research the event and make a purchasing decision online. Secondarily, a sponsor kit was needed to target those tech firms and medical institutions with a focus on healthcare technology.


I took the lead in developing the platform’s content and visual identity, as well as designing the layout.

  • Identified requirements through stakeholder interviews
  • Wrote targeted messaging for two distinct audiences based on Prebacked’s customer development research and follow-up interviews with prospective users.
  • Used wireframes to develop a modular content layout that could be updated quickly and easily to meet shifting customer needs.
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  • Used color to establish a flexible content hierarchy and a basic brand identity through high-fidelity mockups.
    Medhack palette 593d8b342fb887b8f520d0592da0146e90c80bd737485a9383af3a3f9fc6553d Medhack color c874abe5f2e0f13b7028a79446bccefa86e91b322d7fbbc666ece7121bc3e9a3


  • Funding: 110% complete

    We partnered with four major organizations who provided the necessary funding to support the event and mentorship to our participants.

  • Ticket sales: 85% complete

    The attendance breakdown was very close to meeting our expectations:

  • 43/50 Developers
  • 23/30 Medical Researchers and Professionals
  • 19/20 Entrepreneurial participants

The basic platform that we developed here forms the foundation of the online tools they use today.


Something interesting we learned during the discovery process was that medical professionals actually preferred face-to-face interaction with Prebacked’s leadership team before making a commitment to attend. This gave us a clear indication that our initial strategy to focus the platform’s content and marketing strategy primarily on attracting developers was the right decision.